Bookmarklets for learning Japanese

These bookmarklets below will perform a search on various sites with the text you've selected. I've found these to be most useful when you're browsing the web to help me learn Japanese. I hope you find them useful too. Simply drag/bookmark these into your browser's bookmarks bar, select a word/sentence, and click on them to search.

The always-excellent Denshi Jisho ( Searches all kinds of terms and provides helpful references e.g. conjugation. This bookmarklet will search for your current selection.

Weblio E-J Dictionary

Weblio's English-Japanese Dictionary offers a wider range of definitions including more obscure ones from various dictionaries and often has better usage cases. The website is, however, primarily in Japanese.

Unihan Unicode Character Database

When all else fails and you can't decode the Kanji/Character. Also contains useful information such as Unicode codepoints.